Wool Furniture and Lighting Research

The studio was tasked with a research project to study how wool could be used outside of the fashion industry. Wool is a key export for Australia and Woolmark is tasked by the wool growers of Australia to promote the product. As a part of their mandate, Woolmark routinely undertakes extensive research and as such approached the studio to explore how we might use wool beyond the ways we already do - typically with furniture upholstery and aircraft seating dress covers.

After some initial research the studio explored designs which studied wool as a structural material. Studies were designed around 3D knitting patterns which saw wool blended with more rigid technical fibres to create hybrid structures potentially capable of self support.

The studio presented ideas for lighting and furniture as well as a concept to create an ultra-light aerospace seat. This ideation is shared in more detail here.

Wool has many impressive characteristics. It is sustainable, water resistant, natural and beautiful. Whilst obviously a very popular material for certain purposes, after the research the studio firmly believes that there are significant opportunities for this material in the future beyond the traditional.