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Visor bottle opener

Year: Ongoing - 2026
Client: Qantas Airways Limited

Christmas 2019. The studio wanted to celebrate by producing a simple product to send to friends, colleagues and clients. The festive season in Australia is during summer. It brings visions of the beach, barbecues and backyard cricket. Many a cold beer is opened during these festivities and as such the studio elected to produce a very simple and yet functional bottle opener.

A late decision by the studio to undertake this venture meant that Visor had to be produced within a compressed time-frame and using readily sourced components. Produced from non-directional brushed stainless steel, Visor is laser-cut and folded by one of the studio’s long-term collaborators. A leather loop is provisioned for hanging and crimped in position by a closure typically used in the production of sport-fishing lines. The studio saw this as symbolic of Australia’s obsession with summer and the outdoors.

Visor is a humble and utilitarian product with basic origins but one that was appreciated and, hopefully, used and abused.

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