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ISOM - Isodynamic Membrane

Year: 2023
The ISOM headset, an ultra low profile design specially created for the Modulo project, exemplifies our commitment to integrated design. Recognizing that design is an ecosystem, we craft objects to harmoniously exist within a broader concept, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic cohesion.

ISOM, short for 'Isodynamic Membrane,' features a woven membrane that wraps the internal face of an ultra low profile aluminium semi hoop. This innovative design not only provides a sleek and modern look but also ensures durability and comfort. The ultra-flat nature of the outer face is a deliberate choice to facilitate side sleeping, addressing a common challenge faced by users of conventional headsets.

Every element of this headset is meticulously designed to provide a seamless user experience. The aluminium semi hoop is lightweight yet sturdy, offering a secure fit without compromising on comfort. The woven membrane adds a layer of softness, making it gentle on the skin and comfortable for prolonged use.

This concept showcases our approach to thoughtful integration of features, focusing on user comfort and practicality. By designing with the user in mind and considering the broader ecosystem, our ISOM headset for the Modulo project stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in design.

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