The Covid-19 Pandemic presented extreme challenges to the creative industries. Commercial concerns put many projects on hold or even off. During this time the studio experimented with projects influenced by the happenings of the time.

One such exploration became Sanitas. A number of friends and colleagues approached the studio to design a hand sanitation unit which might present in a more elegant way.

An existing mechanism was sourced from a local supplier and then the sanitas stand was designed to accommodate it. Considered with retail, hospitality and residential environments in mind, Sanitas’ aim was to bring subtlety to a product which has newly become part of everyday life.  

Manufactured in formed steel and decorated in a range of colours, Sanitas has been conceived to be adaptable to a variety of spaces and usages. Battery powered, refillable and with the option to be connected to mains power.

A short-lived product, the studio has since ceased production of the unit.