Rake Chair

Rake was initiated as a design study for a stacking chair to complement the studio’s BLOC commercial furniture system. Within a system of upholstered modular units, the studio was searching for a design of occasional seating which would be complimentary both in terms of functionality and also in the aesthetic sense.

The aesthetic launch point for Rake was to design a piece via the removal of detail and a keen focus on manufacturing methods. The studio had already identified the manufacturer for the piece and it sought to design within the bounds of the production capabilities and facilities.

Rake is machined from Victorian Ash, a local Australian timber. The seat and seat-back panels are produced from a single piece of curved plywood of the same radius. This saved on the production cost and eliminated the need to create multiple tools.

Aesthetically, Rake gently bucks the common aesthetic of timber chairs by employing a vertical design of the rear leg. Instead the front legs rake forward which lends the look of movement as well as the chair’s nomenclature.