Dreamliner Premium Economy Seat
Qantas Airways Limited 

The Qantas Premium Economy seat was designed for deployment on the airline’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, customised for ultra-long-haul travel. Developed in conjunction with Thompson Aerospace in the UK, this was a ground-up new seat design designed exclusively for the airline.

The brief to the studio was to create a class leading product suitable for passengers on extended journeys of up to 17 hours flight time - at the time the longest route operated in the world.

Thompson Aerospace and Caon Design Office worked closely to develop ideas around the articulation of the seat in order to achieve a unique z-shaped recline position. Combined with the relative position of the seat in front this meant that even the largest passengers could confidently extend their bodies to rest comfortably.

Additionally, a unique, ratcheting leg-rest was designed which could function as both a foot-stool and a hammock for the lower limbs. Aesthetically, the seat was designed as a wing-back chair to maximise shoulder width, give a sense of privacy and accommodate a mood and reading light. The studio developed bespoke plastics, leathers and fabrics exclusively for the seat.

To date, two versions of the seat have been manufactured and it is currently flying on Qantas’ 787 Dreamliners and A380 SuperJumbos.

Photography by Tom Ferguson