Pandemico Negroni

The Covid-19 Pandemic was a strange time for creative practices. With the unexpected shock absence of some of the practices’ projects, the studio sought to experiment and create some levity for friends and colleagues. 

Navigating the unknowns of the pandemic made the daily ritual of aperitivo hour a crucial, albeit sometimes lonely affair. 

Old friend of the studio, Stefano Di Dio who generously supplied some of his wonderful vermouth. Furthermore, he, reached out to his network and secured equal volumes of Four Pillars Gin and Campari so that we could mix a classic Negroni. 

In an effort to create an ink stamp for the ‘pandemico negroni’ logo, a 3D label, cast in polyurethane, was stumbled upon.

After some lackluster trial prints onto the glass of the bottle, it became apparent that the logo in relief on the stamp was far more interesting. Using a small amount of uncured resin, a new reverse casting was fixed directly to the bottle and hence became the label. 

The Pandemico Negorni care package consisted of the bottle, a small note printed on rice paper and set into a hand-made envelope of the same material and lovingly dried slice of blood orange. 

These were distributed locally across Sydney to friends and colleauges with instructions to share them with their inner circle.