Margaret Restaurant
Neil Perry
with ACME

The studio was asked by renowned Australian Chef and studio collaborator Neil Perry to design his home restaurant, Margaret. Leading Australian architecture and interior design firm ACME was asked to collaborate on the realisation of this project for the legendary chef. The studio and ACME team spent a year carefully crafting the space to meet the stringent requirements set by the chef for his first truly solo restaurant project.

The brief started as one to create a local family restaurant and slowly evolved to reflect the sophistication of a menu focused on ingredients as well as the chef’s memories of his eponymous mother, after whom the restaurant is named.

The concept was based on a materiality influenced both by the designers’ collaborative travel and by the local Australian environment, especially the coastal areas. The brief of the local restaurant became a rustic, yet sophisticated space, replete with bespoke design objects created by the studio and by local craftsmen.

Separate from the architecture, Caon Design Office designed and produced much of the decorative lighting elements, as well as the branding for Margaret.

Photography by Anson Smart