with Christopher Farr and Gregory Parkinson

Ceremony has been designed in response to the theme of ‘wellness and wonder’ for the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition at the 2018 Milano Salone Del Mobile.

Ceremony was designed to celebrate the Italian tradition of aperitivo where people come together, at the end of the day, to talk or just watch the world go by. Ceremony is about taking the time to focus on one another and sharing one's troubles and joys in life. We are social animals and wellness comes from our connections to others. Ceremony promotes the seriousness of these connections in life by facilitating aperitivo as a ritual, influenced by the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, with the physical framework made up from its components. The piece consists of a handwoven, ultramarine rug formed into a low seating element.

Users sit either facing each other or facing outwards. In between them is a blue, rolled aluminium table with a mirrored top. A pivoting centre plate reveals an internal void designed to conceal refreshments or smart devices, whichever presents the greater need.