Aerospace Wellness Research Project

As air travel becomes more and more a normal part of everyday life, passengers and airlines have begun to place more importance on passenger wellness during flight. Prior to the pandemic, Caon Design Office undertook a study of a communal meditative space onboard.

The studio set a research brief to study the creation of a lightweight space with minimal impact aircraft structure which would serve as an opportunity for passengers to relocate to for the purposes of a set mindfulness practice. Modern day commercial aircraft are tightly controlled spaces with real estate prioritised based on yield so the footprint of a single economy seat was allocated.

Giving passengers a place to relocate to was a benefit in itself as it promoted movement. The seating has been designed to be comfortable for its task but not overly supportive, so as not to promote lingering. The use of curtaining rather than rigid partitions reinforces the archetypes of wellness spaces, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing and, importantly, light weight.

The design incorporates modern AR and audio technology to provide information, instruction and privacy to passengers whilst they undertake sessions.