Featured Project : Modulo

In a forward-thinking collaboration, Caon Design Office and Woolmark introduce Modulo, a revolutionary aircraft seat design which solves a number of problems for both the aviation industry and their customers / passengers. 

Modulo is a concept born from Caon’s deep theoretical and practical expertise and research in aviation and transport design, combined with a desire to challenge the status quo of aircraft cabin interiors by addressing key issues. For the industry these include weight reduction, sustainability, and the need for frequent cabin refreshes. For the passenger it’s about wellbeing, hygiene, privacy and experience.

About Us

Caon Design Office, a boutique industrial design firm established in Sydney in 2009 by David Caon, is recognised for its expertise in product, furniture, interior, and aircraft interior design. We have built a reputation for providing bespoke, innovative solutions across various industries, marked by quality and creativity.
Our team’s rich diversity of experiences enhances our capability to provide unique insights, fostering a global perspective in our work. We thrive on the synergy of our group’s collective experiences, which informs our approach to each project with an understanding that transcends borders.

Emphasizing a close and cooperative relationship with our clients is fundamental to our ethos. We build partnerships rooted in trust, transparency, and mutual respect, ensuring that we deeply understand and meet our clients’ needs—a practice evidenced by the many enduring relationships we’ve nurtured.

At the heart of Caon Design Office lies a passion for developing designs that blend function with visual appeal, informed by a deep sensitivity to the user experience. Our group’s collective expertise in aircraft interiors contributes to a distinctive savoir-faire that we apply to every endeavor. This dedication to collaborative efforts and a genuine investment in realizing our clients’ visions is the hallmark of our work ethos.

“Our work lies at the intersection of design thinking and the industrial process, with a mission to improve the human experience in all 
walks of life”

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Caon Design Office is located in Sydney’s Chippendale district at the intersection of Buckland and Myrtle.

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